Importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls

According to the figures published by the Bible Society. the Bible is still a ‘best seller` but sadly, in many homes it remains on the bookshelf. It is dusted occasionally but hardly ever read. Yet, the Bible is the most precious book in the world.

In this very materialistic age it appears that the majority of people regard the Bible as rather out-dated and that so far as their lives are concerned today, the Bible has no particular relevance. No greater mistake could be made. It is the most up-to-date book in the world It not only tells us about the present. but it goes further and outlines with great clarity the course of world events in the future. This is not surprising when we realise that the author of the Bible is the great Creator of the universe.

The apostle Paul wrote that: ‘All scripture is given by inspiration of God’ [2Tim 3v16] and that the Holy Scriptures are able to make someone ‘wise unto salvation’ [2 Tim 3v15]

Even if people agree that the original manuscripts of the Bible were written by men who were influenced by the power of God, how can we be sure that the Bible that we have today is identical in meaning with the original texts? Is there not a real danger that after centuries and centuries of making copies from copies and of translating the scriptures into different languages, that mistakes will have occurred and then the mistakes will have been copied too?

The amazing discovery in 1947 of the Dead Sea Scrolls gives unshakable evidence of the integrity and accuracy of the scriptures we now hold in our hands. The scrolls included books and portions of books of the Old Testament scriptures written 2.000 years ago. Yet when translated and compared with our Bible, they correspond exactly. Through the long intervening centuries the Bible message has retained vital accuracy.


One of the most important finds in a cave at Qumran, near the Dead Sea, was the roll of Isaiah. Thus after the fascinating story of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls we present an article which deals briefly with the contents and teaching of this book and which provides background for the Bible reader.

The prophet Isaiah is sometimes called the ‘Prophet of the Kingdom’ because there are so many references in his writing to the time when God has intervened in world affairs and established His kingdom. This is the time for which Jesus taught his followers to pray.

“Thy kingdom come Thy will he done in earth. as it is in heaven” Matt 6v10

Many of the passages in the book of Isaiah describe what the world will be like when Jesus has returned and has replaced the rule of men with the kingdom of God. The evidence from the ‘Scrolls from the Dead Sea’ can give us confidence in the reliability of God`s word and a confidence too, that what God has spoken He will bring to pass.