Author: Unknown (date of writing: probably during the monarchy of King David)

Time: c.1100 B.C.

Title: In Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English this book is named after its main character, a Moabitess whose name means “friendship.”

Summary: The book of Ruth is dated during the latter part of the period of the Judges, and shows that in a time of national decline and immorality, God preserved a remnant that could serve as the core for a future revival. This would be accomplished through Ruth’s descendant, David, from whom the Messiah would come. Ruth is one of four women listed in the genealogy of Christ, and one of two women to have biblical books named after them.


  • Ruth’s noble choice: Chapter 1:1-22
  • Ruth’s faithful service: Chapter 2:1-23
  • Ruth’s virtuous appeal: Chapter 3:1-18
  • Ruth’s blessed reward: Chapter 4:1-22