Author: Malachi

Period: c.430 B.C.

Title: The English, Hebrew, Greek and Latin versions all name this book after Malachi, the prophet whose ministry is recorded in the book. The name Malachi means “My messenger.”

Summary: Malachi’s message comes to the people in a time of great spiritual decline. It is approximately eighty years after the rebuilding of the temple and the promises of the coming Messiah have not yet been realized. As a result, the people had become lax and had an increasingly casual attitude toward God and worship. Malachi states that their sacrifices were unacceptable to God, husbands were unfaithful and the priests had neglected God’s covenants. Malachi was probably the last prophet of the Old Testament period.


An unholy nation: Chapter 1:1-14

A faithless priesthood: Chapter 2:1-10

A treacherous people: Chapter 2:11-16

A nation of robbers: Chapter 2:17 – 3:15

A faithful remnant to be vindicated: Chapter 3:16 – 4:6