Author: Jeremiah and Baruch

Period: c.626-580 B.C.

Title: The English, Hebrew, Greek and Latin versions all name this book after Jeremiah, the prophet whose ministry is recorded in the book. The name Jeremiah (Hebrew Yirmeyahu) means either “The Lord exalts/establishes” or “The Lord throws” (in the sense of throwing Jeremiah into his ministry or throwing down Judah and the nations in judgment).

Summary: Jeremiah, a priest from the household of Hilkiah, warns of the impending military force of Babylon that would destroy Jerusalem and enslave the Jews. He urges Jerusalem to turn from her wicked ways, but there is no response. Jeremiah further warns of the false prophets who are leading the people astray with deceptive doctrines and falsehoods. He urges the Israelites to submit to the Babylonian authority as the instrument of God’s judgment. They do not heed his warnings and the people are carried away to Babylon. He predicts that the captives will return after seventy years to rebuild Jerusalem and the Temple.


Introduction: the prophet’s call: Chapter 1:1-19

Prophetic oracles against Jerusalem and Judah: Chapter 2:1-45:5

  • In the reign of Josiah and Jehoiakim: 2:1 – 20:18
  • Various periods up to the destruction of Jerusalem: 21:1- 39:18
  • After the fall of Jerusalem: 40:1 – 45:5

Prophecies against the nations: Chapter 46:1 – 51:64

  • Against Egypt: 46:1-28
  • Against Philistia: 47:1-7
  • Against Moab: 48:1-47
  • Against Ammon: 49:1-6
  • Against Edom: 49:7-22
  • Against Damascus: 49:23-27
  • Against Arabia: 49:28-33
  • Against Elam: 49:34-39
  • Against Babylon: 50:1 – 51:64

Historical Appendix: Chapter 52:1-34

  • The fall and captivity of Judah: 52:1-30
  • Jehoiachin’s liberation: 52:31-34