Books of the Bible – Old Testament

This overview of the Bible will present the books of the Old Testament and the New Testament in the same order as they appear in our Bibles. Thus the dates given in the text will sometimes not of be in chronological order of when the books were written.

Various references are given in the text, please take time to read through the references given and remember that there is no substitute for reading God’s word for yourself.

The key to growing in knowledge about God and His salvation revealed through the Lord Jesus Christ, is to learn, understand and then most importantly, put the word of God into practice in our lives. The sole aim of the Bible Basics overview of the Books of the Bible is to encourage and help personal Bible study.

Studying the word of God is very rewarding. The message of the Bible is a bit like a diamond because when looking at one facet, all the other facets are seen reflected in it. It truly is a wonderful book, yet sadly neglected by so many!! So few are willing to study the word of God and act upon what they learn.

If you would like to read the Bible in a more constructive and effective way please take a look at the Bible Reading Plan.