SUNDAY    Psalm 19
MONDAY Genesis 1
WEDNESDAY 1 Corinthians 13
FRIDAY Ecclesiastes 3
SATURDAY 2 Timothy 3

Begin each day's readings with a prayer asking God to bless your studies of His word.

The readings in Step One are an interesting selection from various parts of the Bible.

The unity, truth and divine origin of the 66 Books of the Bible become increasingly certain as you read them. Although written by many different writers over 1,500 years, God is the Author and His message is the same throughout.

Read consistently, thinking about what you read carefully.


SUNDAY - Psalm 19 - Creation speaks of the power and glory of God (verses 1-6) but only the Bible makes known His purpose and His ways (verses 7-14).

MONDAY - Genesis 1 - God made all things. He established the laws of nature and prepared the earth as man's home. Consider the wonders of creation, the beauty of the heavens, the wonder of your own body and life. All is governed by precise laws of physics and nature. We must be created and have not just 'evolved'.

TUESDAY - Luke 2 - The miraculous birth of Jesus brought promises of peace (verse 14) and of salvation for Jews and Gentiles (verses 29-32).

WEDNESDAY - 1 Corinthians 13 - Charity (love) is the supreme quality for us to follow and has promise of an eternal future (verses 11-13). Think about how the practical aspects of love should be demonstrated in our lives.

THURSDAY - Mark 4 - The word of God is a precious seed to be cultivated and become fruitful in our lives for the glory of God.

FRIDAY - Ecclesiastes 3 - Life is short and fragile. We need to use our time wisely to serve God and to prepare for the day of judgment (verse 17). The principle is that God must come first in our lives.

SATURDAY - 2 Timothy 3 - The world today is described in verses 1-7. The Bible is given by God to make us godly, showing us how we should live our lives and lead us to salvation (verses 15-17).