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The Bible

The Bible makes great claims. It clearly states that its author is God who is the Creator of all things. It claims to reveal God and His purpose with creation and it speaks with authority about how we can seek and find Him. If this claim cannot be upheld, then the Bible is the greatest and the most cruel hoax which has ever deluded mankind. However, if the claims of the Bible are true, then we are in possession of the worlds greatest treasure.

The Bible is indeed God's message and is unique. As the true Word of God it contains the key to peace and everlasting life. Within itís pages the answers to perplexing questions concerning the meaning and purpose of our existence and the final outcome of the struggle between right and wrong can be found. Understanding the message of the Bible is the key to finding salvation through the saving name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The message of the Bible is far too important to be ignored or to be left to others to tell us what it says. We must read the Bible for ourselves.


An objective view of world events and the state of mankind, shows that time is fast running out for this world and thus for you. So make TODAY your opportunity and start reading this wonderful book now.  Begin today to find out how to prepare for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.


There are many different versions of the Bible in many languages. Even those in English range from using the language of the 17th Century to modern versions translated into the way we speak and write today.

Whichever version you use, you will find the same basic message. Some people prefer the poetic language of the Authorised or King James Version. Others the modern style of for example the New King James Version, the Revised Authorised Version or the New International Version. It is a matter of personal preference. Select the version which suits you best. These Bible reading notes are based upon the Authorised Version unless stated otherwise.

If you intend to purchase a Bible it is well worth the extra to have a Bible with marginal references.


These notes are structured around reading one chapter of the Bible every day. Daily Bible reading is a worthwhile habit to acquire.

By following this pattern the six STEPS will be covered in exactly fifty two weeks. So in one year it will be possible to get a very good overall view of the message of the Bible.

Within these notes, each STEP starts with an introduction giving an overview of the chapters and parts of the message to be covered. It is recommended that the sequence be followed right through.

Each day's chapter should be read carefully and in conjunction with the Daily Note. Other relevant Bible passages will be suggested as worth referring to. Looking up these other references is important and will help your overall understanding of the Gospel message. Reading the Bible as a whole will show how the message of the Bible is consistent. Indeed all parts of God's word have something to teach us.

Numbers 14:21 means the Book of Numbers, Chapter 14 and Verse 21. The 66 books of the Bible are usually listed at the front of the Bible to assist in finding them.

Although this Planner lasts one year it has not been dated so there is no need to wait until next January 1st. You can start at STEP ONE right away.

So do it TODAY.


1. Find time to read through the chapters in the Bible carefully without rushing. Settle down comfortably and quietly for study.

2. When a passage from the Bible is quoted, look it up in your Bible and read the passage. Check for yourself that the verses are not taken out of their context. Look at the verses before and after those quoted and be certain that you understand what the passage teaches.

3. Try and set aside a little time each day for reading at a time when you are not likely to be disturbed.

4. If you have any questions about anything contained in the days reading write it down and feel free to contact us for an answer. 

5. We are told in the Book of Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament about Cornelius. He wanted to learn more of God and of His will. He prayed to God for help and his prayers were heard and answered. (Acts 10).



  • Look first to the Bible for answers to questions

  • Read all of the Bible to find answers to your questions

  • Use clear passages to explain more difficult ones

  • Write down your questions [It may be a while before you get answers]


  • Expect quick answers

  • Look at isolated passages and draw conclusions

May God bless your Bible study.

For more information please contact: Bible Basics