Author: Zechariah

Period: c.520-480 B.C.

Title: The English, Hebrew, Greek and Latin versions all name this book after Zechariah, the prophet whose ministry is recorded in the book. The name Zechariah (Hebrew Z'kharyah) means "Whom the Lord remembers."

Summary: Zechariah was a younger contemporary of Haggai. He also encouraged the people to rebuild the Temple. Like Daniel and Revelation, this book contains Apocalyptic visions. It also includes detailed references to the coming Messiah. The book concludes with descriptions of the enemies of Jerusalem being judged and of the future glory of God's kingdom.


Introduction: The call to repent: Chapter 1:1-6

The night visions of Zechariah: Chapter 1:7 - 6:15

The crowning of Joshua: Chapter 6:9-15

Questions concerning fasting: Chapter 7:1 - 8:23

The future of the nations, Israel and Messiah's kingdom: Chapter 9:1 - 14:21