Song of Songs (Solomon)

Author: Probably Solomon (date of writing: c.970-930 B.C.).

Title: In English, this book has several names, including "Song of Solomon," "Song of Songs," and "Canticles." All these titles reflect the original Hebrew name: "Solomon's Song of Songs." "Canticles" is derived more immediately from the Latin title, Canticum Canticorum ("Song of Songs"). The title in the Septuagint is Odai ("Songs").

Summary: This book is composed of speeches, or dialogues, in Hebrew poetry. It portrays the beauty and pure love between a man and a woman that develops into a mature undying relationship. More in-depth symbolism shows the relationship between Christ and his bride, the body of believers, which will be consummated at his return. The basic message is the purity and sacredness of love.


PART 1: The bride selected from Israel: Chapter 1:1 - 5:1

PART 2: The bride selected from the Gentiles: Chapter 5:2 - 8:14