Author: Joshua; perhaps with later editing by Samuel.

Period: c.1400-1380 B.C.

Title: The English title of this book is taken from the name of the main character and, like the Greek and Latin titles, is simply a transliteration of its Hebrew title (Yehoshua).

Summary: Joshua was selected by God to succeed Moses and lead the nation into the Promised Land. The book outlines the conquest and occupation by Israel under his military leadership. God explicitly states that all the inhabitants of the land were to be utterly driven out or destroyed in order to assure spiritual purity and complete devotion to God. Joshua is the first book of the Former Prophets.


Entrance into the Promised Land: Chapter 1:1 - 5:12

Conquest of the Promised Land: Chapter 5:13 - 12:24

Division of the Promised Land: Chapter 13:1 - 22:34

Joshua's final speeches: Chapter 23:1 - 24:33