Author: Isaiah

Period: c.740-681 B.C.

Title: The English, Hebrew, Greek and Latin versions all name this book after Isaiah, the prophet whose ministry is recorded in the book. The name Isaiah (Hebrew Yesha'yahu) means "The LORD saves."

Summary: Isaiah ministered during the rule of Kings Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah. His primary focus dealt with the coming judgment on the Southern Kingdom of Judah due to its great wickedness. Isaiah identified the root of Judah's trouble in its idolatry and apostasy. Although he spoke of judgments on other nations as well, the prophet Isaiah urged the kings and the people to put their trust in God rather than in alliances with earthly powers. He comforted his people with the realization that God loves those who are faithful to Him and keep His commandments. He spoke of the future Messiah who would come to redeem the nation and restore the Kingdom.


Rebuke and promise: Chapter 1:1 - 6:13

Immanuel: Chapter 7:1 - 12:6

Burdens of judgment upon the nations: Chapter 13:1 - 23:18

General rebuke and promise: Chapter 24:1 - 27:13

Woes upon the unbelievers of Israel: Chapter 28:1 - 33:24

General rebuke and promise: Chapter 34:1 - 35:10

The volume of Hezekiah: Chapter 36:1 - 39:8

The volume of comfort: Chapter 40:1 - 66:24