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The Bible Truth e-magazine is produced every two months and is available FREE of charge.

Why is it free? Well, the magazine published as a pdf file and sent via our mailing list is devoted to helping people all over the world, understand the good news of the Gospel. In the magazine, a variety of biblical topics are discussed and explored.

Whatever the level of your knowledge of the Bible, we are sure that you will find something of interest in this Magazine. The issues cover various subjects and we aim to provide thoughtful and thought provoking articles, based upon the word of God.

Knowing the Bible and having faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, gives hope for the future. The aim of this magazine is to help strengthen your faith and we pray that knowing the word of God will help you find peace of mind in this troubled world.

The Bible Light Magazine offers:

Informative Bible study
Devotional studies
Encouragement for sincere Bible readers
Signs of the times we live in
Series of articles about various Bible subjects

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