A Time...
for everything

be be born

to search
to plant

to weep

to heal
to build
to uproot
to love
to throw away
to speak
to die
for peace


A time...

.....to build...

...more palaces of commerce?
...more temples to money?
...bigger warehouses, larger barns?

or to build trust,
and faith, and hope?
to build a life on a rock-solid foundation-
a living house for God to live in

Jesus said:

"every one who hears these words of
mine and puts then into practice
is like a wise man who built his
house on the rock" Matthew 7v24

and Peter wrote:

"as you come to him (Jesus)...you
also, like living stones, are being
built into a spiritual house" 1Peter 2v5

Notes for "a time to build"

Dan 4:29-30   Building has always been a potent symbol of human power and wealth.
Gen 11:1-9   The story of building the Tower of Babel epitomises man's pride in opposition to God.
Luke 12:13-21   Jesus' parables show the stupidity of building bigger and better for an uncertain future.
Luke 6:46-49   He says we should build on his words - paying attention to them and putting them into practice.  This will provide a rock-solid foundation on which to build our lives and characters.
Acts 17:24
1 Cor 3:16-17
  God's real house is not a temple or a church, but a collection of living people.
2 Cor 6:16
Acts 4:10-12
  Jesus is both the foundation stone and the highest capping-stone of that house.
Eph 2:10-22
1 Pe 2:4-5
  We can be part of that house as living stones, and God will live in us for ever.
1 Kings 8:27-30
Zech 14:16
Micah 4:1-4
  In the ancient kingdom of Israel the temple was a symbol of God's presence among his people.  In the future Kingdom that God has promised a new Temple in Jerusalem will become the focus of divine worship for all nations.