A Time...
for everything

be be born

to search
to plant

to weep

to heal
to build
to uproot
to love
to throw away
to speak
to die
for peace


A time...

.....to search...

So many different religions,
philosophies, sects...
so many claims and counter-claims...
so many people searching for truth...
How much would we give to find it?
'God's word is truth'
is the claim the Bible makes for itself.
Many have tested that claim, and been
Here is the unique voice of divine
authority, an unshakeable foundation on
which to build our lives...

"The kingdom  of heaven is like a
merchant looking for fine pearls.
When he found one of great
value, he sold everything he had
and bought it." Matthew 13v45

"seek and you will find; knock
and the door will be opened to
you." Luke 11:9

Notes for "a time to search"

Luke 12:13-15
1 Tim 6:6-10
  Many spend their lives looking for happiness, for whatever they think may bring happiness - money, fame, success of some sort.  Many are disappointed.
Romans 2:7
Matt 7:7-12
  Through his Word, God promises happiness to those who seek for glory and honour through him.  But can we trust that promise?  How can we test it for ourselves?
John 17:17   Many religions make promises to their adherents - how can we find 'the truth'?
11 Tim 3:14-17   It is our privilege to be able to read God's Word, to search out its message, and to test it in our lives.
Luke 24:27
Gal 3:8-9
Acts 26:22-23
  The consistent theme of human redemption (the 'good news'), that runs through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation, is unique evidence that this is God's revelation to us.
1 Cor 3:11
Acts 4:10-12
  Only in Christ is salvation to be found.  No other religion promises hope through a God-given redeemer.
1 John 4:1
Is 8:19-20
  There are many false prophets and false spirits whose words we must test and reject.
1 Tim 4:7-8
Prov 3:13-18
  In finding 'the truth', we will find real happiness now and the prospect of perfect life in the future.