A Time...
for everything

be be born

to search
to plant

to weep

to heal
to build
to uproot
to love
to throw away
to speak
to die
for peace

A time...

.....to be born...

The miracle of new life,
a time of celebration and joy, when pain
and labour are forgotten.

Yet first innocence soon fades,
as the unyielding cycle of life and death
repeats itself again.
A new miracle, a new birth is needed


a new creation of men and women who
put their faith in Jesus and trust him to give them new life. Jesus  said:

"Everyone who does what is right has
been born of him" 1John 2v29

"unless a man is born of water and
the Spirit, he cannot enter the
kingdom of God" John 3v5

Notes for "a time to be born"

Genesis 1-2   The first few pages of the Bible describe the birth of the universe and the beginning of life on earth.  They tell us that we are here as the result of a deliberate act of creation by an Almighty Creator.
Is 45:18   We are here for a reason, not by accident or a chance evolution.  Life is meaningful, not meaningless.
Is 66:1-2
Eccl 12:13
  We have a duty, a responsibility towards our creator which will give real purpose to our lives.
Hab 2:14
Acts 17:22-31
Is 65:17-25
  God has a plan for the world, to fill it with the glory of his character and wisdom.  That plan requires a process of rebirth, a new creation, because the world has been corrupted by human evil.
1Pe 1:32
Cor 5:17
Eph 4:22-23
  We ourselves need to be reborn, remodelled for our place in the new world of the future.
Luke 1-2
Is 9:6-7
1Cor 15:20-23
  The key to this divine plan is Jesus Christ, whose miraculous birth 2000 years ago is the pivotal point in human history.  He is the first of this new creation.
1John 5:1
Rom 6:1-4
  We can be reborn by our faith in him.  Baptism is the essential sign of that change of direction in our lives.