A Time...
for everything

be be born

to search
to plant

to weep

to heal
to build
to uproot
to love
to throw away
to speak
to die
for peace


A time...

.....for peace...

So longed for, so elusive...
Peace among nations, peace at home
inner peace - everywhere we need God's
help to create the right conditions for peace to flourish.

The promise of Jesus' birth -

'on earth peace' - will soon become a reality on a world-wide scale.

Having confidence in the future will also
bring us peace now in a troubled and restless age.

"I will extend peace to her like
a river..." Isaiah 66v12

"He will be called...Prince of Peace.
Of the increase of his government
and peace there will be no end" Isaiah 9v7

"Great peace have they who love
your law" Psalm 119v165

Notes for "a time for peace"

Psa 119:165
Phil 4:6-9
  Love for God brings real peace of mind into our lives, no matter how difficult our circumstances.
Rom 5:1   Jesus as our mediator has reconciled us to God, and given us peace with him.
Isa 57:20-21   A world that, in God's eyes, lies in wickedness, can never experience real peace.  But God has promised a great change to come.
Psa 72
Is 2:2-4
Hab 2:14
  All God's promises to his people anticipate a time of perfect peace in the future, when the earth will be full of God's glory.
Luke 1:31-32,
Isa 9:6-7,
  These promises will be realised when Jesus returns as the King of God's Kingdom on earth, and all nations submit to his righteous rule.
Isa 11:6-9
Isa 65:25
  The whole of Creation will share in this peace and harmony, which was intended by God in the beginning, but disrupted by Adam's sin.
Psa 34:14
Mat 5:9
Heb 12:14
  To prepare ourselves for a place in that future, we must promote peace now.